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If you've just bought a new Gas BBQ, or Patio Gas appliance, and it's come without any Patio Bottle Connector. Then you'll need this 37Mbar Propane Clip-on Regulator with 27mm valve fitting.

These Patio Gas Regulators fit to all Green Calor Patio Gas Bottles. Also used for many different types of Gas Patio Heater. 

Disconnect Patio Gas Bottle/Connection Instructions

Simple ON(Red)/OFF(Green) switch with safety release button, that disconnects only when the switch is in the OFF position. You will not be able to disconnect the regulator from the bottle when the switch has opened the Patio Gas Cylinder's Valve, i.e. it is ON(RED Fire Image on switch), when you turn the switch OFF showing the GREEN block image, you can press the switch in towards the centre of the Regulator to hear a click & disconnect it from the Patio Gas Bottle. 

To Connect your New Full BBQ/Patio Gas Cylinder, make sure the regulator is in the OFF position, press the Regulator down HARD on the cylinder valve, until you hear a "Click", you will then be able to switch it to the ON position.