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Campingaz 907

If you're asking "Where can I buy Campingaz", "Camping gaz near me" or "what gas bottle can I buy for camping", well Campingaz International is exactly the Gaz Bottle you're looking for.

The lightweight Gaz R907 Bottle can be used for Campervans & Camping Internationally, the Gaz Refill is available in over 14,000 outlets across most of Europe and beyond.

Campingaz is ideal for a vast range of camping stoves, grills, lights & small heaters. For cooking, gas will give instant heat and can turn down immediately.

The Complete 907 Gaz Cylinder without a return 907 empty is on Special Offer at only £69.99 with Free Delivery to Hampshire, East Sussex & West Sussex.

Intended for regular use or for extended operating time, this Gaz cylinder is equipped with a safety valve and can be unscrewed from the appliance when not empty. Always keep your Gaz Carrying Handle nearby to re-seal your Gaz Canister. These may cost up to £5 by other stockists.

The Campingaz 907 cylinder is the largest size(20.3 x 23.5cm) in the Camping Gaz range and holds 2.75kg of butane gas but is smaller in width than most Gas Bottles so as to fit inside many Boats, Modern Kombi Campervans & Conversion Campers. The type 904 Bottle is also available which is the same width, but slightly lower(14.5cm).

We always make sure we have a large amount of these particular Camping Gas Cylinders in stock at the end of the week so you can always enjoy your Camping weekend!

When you buy this Camping Gas Bottle, YOU own it, you do not Rent it, and that gives a Campingaz Bottle it's value.

Any Questions? or can't find what you're looking for? or would like to collect from one of our Depots & need to know if we currently have the Gaz 907 in stock?

Call us on 01273 041500 or  02392 808888

Free Delivery in Sussex & Hampshire only.

We also stock the Campingaz Butane Regulator for Free Delivery with any Gas Bottle within Sussex & Hampshire or postage to UK mainland.

Campingaz C206 to CV470 disposable cartridges are also available for collection only.  



  • Campingaz 907 £44.99
  • Cylinder Refill Agreement £25.00


  • Campingaz 907 £44.99
You will be returning a gas bottle on delivery. Please note additional cost may apply if you do not provide a suitable gas bottle for collection.