The King Avon Mobile Infra-red Heater is an electricity-free Calor Gas Heater perfect to use anywhere in your home or office. During the Winter months it creates a warm cosy atmosphere for any room.

The SuperSer F180 mobile Infra-red heater is an electricity-free Calor Gas Heater perfect for use anywhere in your home or office. It provides instant heat keeping you warm during the Winter months. It can be easily moved from room to room to create a warm cosy atmosphere anywhere.

The Campingaz IR5000 Infra-red Heater is a powerful 3 Panel Heater. Infrared heaters can be easily recognized by the fine-pored ceramic plates that turn to an intense red color when glowing. The heat is generated by a gas burner that burns the gas oxygen mix inside the ceramic plates at a temperature of around 900°C. The benefit of an Infrared Heater is that its heat is perceived stronger and more direct, particularly when you are positioned in front of the heater. Especially when feeling cold, people get a fast, pleasant heat response from an infrared heater. It's easily recognizable when an Infrared Heater is switched on as the heat is visible to the human eye thanks to the red, glowing ceramic panels.

Campingaz CR5000 Catalytic Heater is the perfect mobile heater to bring warmth anywhere to your home, shop or office. SOLD OUT

The Levanto is a great value Cabinet Heater with 3 heat settings(Max 4.2Kw), takes a Calor Gas 15kg Cylinder and lasts roughly 100 hours on the one bar setting.

The Calor Cube Gas Heater is a small contemporary portable heater.