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The High Quality Lifestyle Commercial Patio Gas Heater attracts new business to any Pub, Club or Restaurant, Customers flock towards every warm focusing burner in your garden, terrace or outside space.The 14kW gas heat directs to give warmth in the colder evenings so customers can stay outside for longer in your Garden/Patio area.

At a Perfect height, this Commercial Outdoor Heater is ideal around tables or an outdoor bar, it's a smart addition to your entertaining space, to give your customers outdoor relaxation in the fresh air.

Product Details:-

  • Includes Hose & Calor Patio Gas Propane Regulator
  • Push Button Ignition
  • Burner (20-60 operating hours with a Calor 13kg Patio Gas Bottle)
  • Gas reflector burner made of stainless steel alloy for long-lasting quality
  • 4-14kW continuously adjustable heating level control
  • 80cm reflector 
  • 205cm High with 25sq metre heat range
  • Anti-tilt cut-out system for maximum safety if tipped over
  • 13kg Calor Patio Gas Cylinder can be stowed safely and space-efficiently
  • Stable Calor Gas Cylinder Sleeve Housing
  • Sturdy casters for easy positioning. 


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You can also purchase with a spare Calor 13kg Patio Gas Bottle(Below).