13kg Patio gas bottle

The Calor Patiogas 13kg Propane bottle is ideal for patio heaters and gas barbecues with 4 burners or more, making it the perfect solution during the late summer evenings.

For use with 27mm Clip-on Propane Regulators. You can also interchange free of charge with a 5Kg Patio gas bottle (same 27mm Valve)

To let you know when the bottle's low........A Gas Trac™ indicator is also fitted to this bottle. Or if you're using a lot of gas it might be worth investing in two cylinders and keeping one as a backup. There’s nothing worse than getting half way through cooking and the gas runs out in front of friends, or even worse....Family!

We always stock a large amount of Patio Gas cylinders for the end of the week so you can enjoy your weekend worry free. 

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  • 13kg Patio gas bottle £42.50
  • Cylinder Refill Agreement £39.99


  • 13kg Patio gas bottle £42.50
You will be returning a gas bottle on delivery. Please note additional cost may apply if you do not provide a suitable gas bottle for collection.