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13kg Patio gas bottle

The Calor Patiogas 13kg is a Green Propane Gas Bottle ideal for using on Patio Heaters and Gas Barbecues with 4 burners or more, making it the perfect solution during the Summer/Autumn months, especially during cooler evenings when your Patio Gas BBQ bottle can also be used for your Patio Heater.

Unfortunately, the 13kg Calor Gas Patio Bottle is only available for Gas Refill Replacement(You MUST have an Empty Green Calor Patio Gas Bottle to return)

  • "When will 13kg Patio Gas Bottles become available?"

There are NO new Calor 13kg Patio Gas Cylinder issues available until further notice, You can however buy the 5kg Patio Gas Bottle & will be able to change to a 13kg Patio bottle later when these stocks resume later during 2022.

We’re also encouraging customers to improve availability by returning any empty or unused cylinders.

You may Return to us over 80 different types of Gas Bottle as a Empty Calor Gas Bottle, including Eurogas, Corralgas, Stubbings, ELF Propower, MB Gas, & LB Gas & many more.

There are also other solutions, feel free to call us on 01273 041500 or 02392 808888 for questions over your Patio Heater/BBQ Gas Supply or enquiries on your Calor Patio Gas 13kg Propane Bottle.

  • "Which Regulator do I use for Patio Gas?

Use with a Patio Gas Propane 27mm Clip-on Regulator on both 13kg & 5kg Patio Gas cylinder Valves.

You may also interchange your 13kg Patio Gas Bottle free of charge with a 5kg bottle (same 27mm Valve).

  • "Why is Patio Gas more expensive?"

To let you know when the bottle's low........A Gas Trac™ indicator is also fitted to all New Calor Patio bottles. These Indicators and the easy connection clip-on non-return valve fittings are just 2 good safety reasons, but if you're a regular commercial user looking at costs, call us for savings on higher quantities.

  • "How long does Patio Gas last?"

If you're using gas to cook, it's lasts longer than if you're using gas to heat, a Patio Heater burns considerably more gas. So, cooking on a 2 burner Gas BBQ with a 5kg Patio Bottle should roughly last 14 BBQ cook-ins depending on the burner size & heat. Therefore 14 cook-ins take around 2.5kg per burner, so 14 using all 5 burners for a large BBQ constantly, should drawn 12.5kg from a Calor 13kg Propane Patio Gas Bottle.

  • "How full is my Gas Bottle?"

When you are drawing gas too heavily from your 5 burner BBQ you will soon see slight condensation on the outside of the bottle as it works its hardest to turn the Liquid into Gas. This, as well as the Gas Trac™ indicator, will also give you a good indication.

  • "Can I buy a spare patio gas bottle?" 

If you are looking for a spare, it might be worth investing in a small gas cylinder to keep as backup instead of the heavy & cumbersome 13kg Gas Bottle, with less weight, it's easier to manage for placing next to your Gas Barbecue, or 2 x 5kg Bottles will give you 10kg, that way there’s no chance of being half way through your Gourmet Masterpiece, and the gas runs out in front of friends, or even worse....Family! 

We always try to stock a large amount of Calor Gas Propane Refills for the end of the week so you can enjoy your weekend worry free. 

Free Calor 13kg Propane Patio Gas Bottle Delivery Service to East Sussex, West Sussex & Hampshire only. Gas orders outside of these areas will NOT receive a Patio Gas Delivery.

  • 13kg Patio gas bottle £54.95

You will be returning an empty "Calor" gas bottle on delivery. Please note an additional cost may apply if you do not provide a suitable gas bottle for collection